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O3L is a lively podcast celebrating the Golden Age of Alternative Music from 1974-99.

E83 - Top 5 Instrumental Songs (with Armistead Wellford & Mike Richmond from LOVE TRACTOR!)

October 26th, 2021

This week, our picks are "talkin' loud and sayin' nothing" (in a good way), as we cover some of the finest instrumental tracks of the O3L era...and beyond!

Guess who's back?!?  It's Armistead Wellford and Mike Richmond from the almighty Love Tractor.  Anything goes this week - not only do you get the classic alternative jams that you'd expect from O3L, there's also prog, funk, jazz fusion, soundtrack music and more.  

There's also plenty to celebrate in the Love Tractor world, as their 1988 Mitch Easter-produced masterpiece Themes From Venus gets the lovingly remastered, deluxe reissue treatment, complete with previously unreleased bonus tracks and new artwork.  Order yours today at  Plus, the band has been hard at work in the studio on brand new music!

It's fun to be happy, so get on the party train and join us!

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